Season Nine: YA Authors

The Listen Podcast is back with Season 9, a series of interviews featuring Writers of Young Adult Fiction. Why do our young people need to read books that tackle taboo topicsWhat is the role of the creative arts in these critical times? How does fear influence our decisions? We’ll be talking about all of these issues and many more with our featured guests.


Welcome back to The Listen Blog: a space where you can find highlights and insights from The Listen Podcast, hosted by Kate Jetmore. This post focuses on Season Nine, a series of interviews featuring Writers of YA Fiction. We’ll be taking a different tack this season, as we share some of our guests’ favorite blogs. Have fun exploring!

Jennifer Niven on Digging Deep

My conversation with Jennifer did not disappoint! Like two Hoosiers sitting around catching up, we touched on lots of subjects, shared some belly laughs, and came to some common insights.

Jennifer recommends:

The Cut:

Hyperbole and a Half:

Too Damn Young:

French Girl Daily:

“Never limit your imagination.”

(Jennifer, 43:55)

To find out more about Jennifer’s work, you can visit her website. And if you haven’t already, we encourage you to tune in to the full interview here.

James Bird on Supporting Diverse Voices

Jennifer Niven thought James Bird would be a perfect fit for The Listen Podcast, and she could not have been more on point! James has a strong sure voice, and he is using it – to speak up for indigenous people, for children, and for all those who need our support.

 “First I wanna connect with my tribe, with my blood.”

(James, 9:51)


To find out more about James’ work and his unique point of view, you can listen to the full interview here. You can also find him on social media, where he posts oodles of photos of his son Wolf.

Michelle Reynoso on the Space Where Magic Happens

Michelle and I used to tell other people’s stories as actors in NYC, but she has found her own voice as an author, and she’s using it! My son loved the first two books in her trilogy The Girl, the Pendant and the Portal, and is eagerly awaiting the release of the final novel.

Michelle recommends:


Jane Friedman:

Highlights Foundation:

Nathan Bransford:

ShelfTalker by Publisher’s Weekly:


Funds for Writers:

 “What if?”

(Michelle, 10:19)

To check out Michelle’s full interview, you can click here. For a more comprehensive look at her work, check out her website.

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