Season 10: Our Bodies In Space

The Listen Podcast is thrilled to present Season 10, a series of interviews we’re calling Our Bodies in Space.
Why do we so often turn to food for something other than sustenance? How is trauma carried by the body, and how can it be released? How do our brains create maps of our bodies? This season, we’ll be exploring these questions and many more.

Season Ten: Our Bodies in Space

Welcome back to The Listen Blog: a space where you can find highlights and insights from The Listen Podcast, hosted by Kate Jetmore. This post focuses on Season Ten, a series of interviews we’re calling Our Bodies in Space. We’ll be taking a different tack this season, as we share some of our guests’ favorite links and blogs. Have fun exploring!

Jennifer Pendleton on the long game

What a path Jen Pendleton has walked on the road to health and fitness! Step by step, she took us through her journey, from eating fast food alone in her car, to achieving her goals with weight loss and weight lifting alike.

Jennifer recommends:  




Fit Men Cook:

“Listen to your own gut.”

(Jen, 55:01)

To contact Jen about one-on-one nutritional coaching, visit her website. Check out her fitness blog or follow her on Instagram (51bridgesnutrition or jenxjourney). And if you haven’t already, we encourage you to tune in to the full interview here.

Lauren Lovett on letting the body lead

My dear friend Lauren and I could talk for hours, and sometimes we do! So glad we could capture one of our conversations and share it with you. We reminisce about our first tour together as young actors, then focus on Lauren’s work – first as a Juilliard-trained performer, and then in her current role as voice and speech coach to actors and non-actor professionals.

Check out this wonderful article Lauren wrote on “Speaking Well and the Line between Practice and Performance:

“The body is a system.”

(Lauren, 18:57)

To contact Lauren about private coaching, visit her website.

If you’re interested in Lauren and Kate’s joint project, check out Speak Well Global. And be sure to listen to the full interview here.

You can also find her on Instagram: @thebodysvoice.


Ana Mombiedro on mapping the body

This interview was a real eye-opener. Ana described what a life-changer it was to leave her native Spain for Finland, where she finished her architectural studies and worked designing learning environments. She also talked us through the overwhelming influence of built space on the behavior and well-being of all humans.

Ana recommends: Website by the award-winning young Spanish architect Maria Auxiliaroda Galvez. She has created an experimental lab where she studies how our body shapes space and how to use spatial design to improve the experience of living. Research project by Paul Ekman. Getting to know our emotions is key to knowing our bodies. Emotions, feelings, and space are all connected, that’s what NeuroArchitecture is about. This website is a dynamic tool that can be used to learn about emotions. It’s very useful for teaching kids social-emotional intelligence. Non-profit organization where Architects and Neuroscientists meet sharing their research on NeuroArchitecture and Design.

 “Space is a teaching tool.”

(Ana, 39:28)

To check out Ana’s full interview, you can click here. For a more comprehensive look at her work, check out her website or follow her on Twitter: @AnukiNuk.

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