Season 11: The Opioid Crisis

Welcome back to The Listen Blog: a space where you can find highlights and insights from The Listen Podcast, hosted by Kate Jetmore. This post focuses on Season Eleven, a series of interviews focusing on The Opioid Crisis. We’ll be taking a different approach this season, as we share some of the resources recommended by our guests.

Dr David Jetmore on the roots of the opioid crisis in America

A retired physician, Dr Jetmore currently serves as the Health Officer in Wayne Co, Indiana. In his interview, he talks us through how the opioid crisis began in the US, providing valuable context about Purdue Pharma and its questionable prescribing practices. A collaborator with Groups Recover Together, he supports the organization’s dedication to medication-assisted treatment and a supportive approach.

Dr Jetmore recommends:

Groups Recover Together:
Wayne County Groups: 765-286-5773
Wayne County Health Dept: 765-973-9245

“It’s your nephew. Or God forbid, your son.”
(Dr Jetmore, 29:41)

To check out Dr Jetmore’s full interview, click here.



Nicole Powers on surviving an opioid addiction

As a young single mother, Nicole Powers slid down a slippery slope from alcohol and pot to an addiction to pain pills after they were prescribed for shoulder problems. It wasn’t long before she was introduced to heroin. After stealing from her employer to support her drug habit, she turned herself in on forgery charges and served 20 months of a four year sentence. She has now been clean and sober for eight years.

Nicole recommends:


“Reach out to somebody that you know loves you.”
(Nicole, 31:29)

To check out Nicole’s full interview, click here.



Emily Powers on finding compassion

When Emily Powers was in 5th grade, her mother turned herself in for forgery, after stealing from her employer to support her drug addiction. Incredibly, the way Emily responded to this crisis was to lean in to her studies, to such an extent that she was honored with a nomination to West Point. She ultimately chose to attend Hanover College, where her tuition is covered thanks to merit scholarships. She hopes to double major in Biology and Sociology, with a possible minor in Philosophy. Big things ahead for this incredible young woman!

“You can take what happened to you and grow from it, or you can be bitter about it.”
(Emily, 33:42)

To check out Emily’s full interview, click here.



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