Season 12: The Children of Immigrants

Welcome back to The Listen Blog: a space where you can find highlights and insights from The Listen Podcast, hosted by Kate Jetmore. This post focuses on Season Twelve, a series of interviews featuring The Children of Immigrants. We’ll be taking a different approach this season, as we share some of the resources recommended by our guests.

Bhavneet & Taranjit Athwal on growing up as Sikh Americans

These two sisters had so much to share about their experience as the daughters of two Indian immigrants to the United States. Over the years, they have found ways to express their independence like getting their drivers licenses and launching their own podcast, while also holding on to certain strong traditions like respect for family and even arranged marriage.

Check out their podcast, which is called Drive With Us (and be sure to listen to Kate’s interview on S2E9!)

Bhavneet & Taranjit recommend:

The Try Pod –
You Can Sit With Us –
I Know You –
Recruiting Hell –

“I had to figure it all out on my own.”
(Taranjit, 13:15)

To check out Bhavneet & Taranjit’s full interview, click here.



Jacqui Amezcua on growing up Mexican American

As a young girl growing up in LA, Jacqui took it for granted that she was Hispanic. Then came a questioning, a trying on of other labels like Chicana and Latina, and ultimately the feeling that identity is fluid in essence.

Jacqui recommends:

“We gotta question why we use these labels.”
(Jacqui, 29:48)

To check out Jacqui’s full interview, click here.



Phyllis Huang on growing up Taiwanese American

As a child, Phyllis felt embarrassed by the food her mother packed in her lunchbox, and rebelled against the Chinese school she had to attend on Sundays. But now, she seeks these same experiences for her young son, striving to find the right balance between her parents’ culture, her husband’s culture and American culture.

Phyllis recommends:

The Dave Chang Show –
The Moth Podcast –
Onolicious Hawaii –

“There’s that piece of you, and then there’s the other piece of you.”
(Phyllis, 35:49)

To check out Phyllis’ full interview, click here.



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