Environmental Activist Athena Lambrinidou on Simple Solutions

February 21, 2022

After falling in love with the internationalism and common humanity of Greenpeace, a young woman returns to her native Greece to advise the government on environmental issues, and then founds an online magazine and podcast.

Nature became my personal church. (Athena, 20:47)


Athena Lambrinidou is a life-long environmental activist. When her international work with Greenpeace caught the attention of the government in her home country of Greece, she was tapped to design and run projects linking the environmental crisis with participatory democracy. After helping to organize the “Religion, Science and the Environment” symposium in the Amazon, she returned to Greece. There, she worked as a sustainability consultant and developed a weekly TV show, which would later become “The Aunties: Taking the Planet Back”, an international online magazine and podcast seeking to ignite meaningful conversation, collaboration and, ultimately, progress on the climate and resource crises. Athena is currently based in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Environmental Activist Athena Lambrinidou on Simple Solutions
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