The Listen Podcast

Exploring the subtleties of culture and compassion in every conversation

As an American based in Spain since 2002, host Kate Jetmore brings an international perspective to all of her interviews.

Stories are told, and stories are received. The Listen Podcast aims to provide a platform for guests who have an impactful story to tell, and for curious listeners to access them. Lending an ear is one of the most powerful gifts we can give to another person.

No matter the culture, sharing stories is an exercise that touches the human spirit.  When you hear a story you connect with, your whole body reacts. Your shoulders drop, your stomach relaxes, and you have that sense that, “Here’s someone who understands.” And with a jolt you realize that suddenly you understand yourself in a new way.

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The Soundtrack to My Life

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Carrie Frais interviews Kate Jetmore

American podcaster, voiceover artist and translator Kate Jetmore chats to Carrie Frais via The Soundtrack to her Life (with music choices from The Beatles to Manu Chao). She talks about growing up in Indiana, working on Broadway in New York and embracing motherhood. She moved to Cuenca in 2002 and has since focused on her career as a translator, teacher and voiceover artist.

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Yolanda Castellón on Transforming the Pain of Loss

Yolanda Castellón on Transforming the Pain of Loss

After experiencing the loss of her first son, just eight days after his birth, a young mother learns to grow around her grief – first by bringing her second son into the world, and then by becoming a life and loss coach, dedicated to helping others transform the pain of loss into strength.

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