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As an American based in Spain since 2002, host Kate Jetmore has brought an international perspective to all of her interviews since launching the podcast in November 2019. As of Season 13, which launches in March 2021, the show will feature an exploration of Americans abroad and how they got there.

The podcast is all about the power of letting others tell their story: in their own words, at their own pace, highlighting what is most important to them. Our interviews are honest, human and funny. And if there’s one thing they’ve taught us, it’s that there is so much more connecting us than separating us. If you’re hungry for community, for cross-cultural dialogue and open conversation, we hope you’ll join us.

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The Listen: an exploration of Americans abroad and how they got there


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The Welum Women Abroad – Kate Jetmore

> Link to the podcast here  (in Spanish)

Kate Jetmore interviews with the Women Abroad Podcast

The Women Abroad Podcast is a podcast, part of the section Women Who Inspire. The aim is to facilitate the life of female expats through interviews with successful entrepreneurs and executives overseas. These women will share with us their own stories and experiences regarding a specific country, in addition to tips, useful resources, and secrets that nobody is willing to tell you.

Reclaiming Agency Through Storytelling

Kate Jetmore shares the story of the Listen Podcast

Join Kate for a conversation with Kim Adams, host of the Expat Family Connection podcast, in which they explore the power of storytelling.

The Listen Podcast on Hiatus

The Listen Podcast on Hiatus

The Listen Podcast will be taking a breather while we cook up more episodes! Meanwhile, if you’ve missed a week or two, now is the perfect time to catch up.