The Children of Immigrants

Our guests also share some of their favorite podcasts, resources and websites.

Discovery Island4_14FEB2020

S12, E1: Bhavneet & Taranjit Athwal on growing up as Sikh Americans

A young Punjabi bride raises her daughters in Maryland under a cloud of fear. As the girls grow up, they embrace their independence while continuing...

S12, E2: Jacqui Amezcua on growing up Mexican American

As a young girl growing up in LA, Jacqui took it for granted that she was Hispanic. Then came a questioning, a trying on of...

S12, E3: Phyllis Huang on growing up Taiwanese American

As a child, Phyllis felt embarrassed by the food her mother packed in her lunchbox, and rebelled against the Chinese school she had to attend...


The Opioid Crisis

This season's interviews include a physician, a survivor of addiction and her daughter. In addition, helpful links are found in the interviews for those seeking help from addiction.

Dr. David Jetmore

S11, E1: Dr. David Jetmore on the roots of the opioid crisis in America

When Purdue Pharma began to coach physicians to include pain as the fifth vital sign, it led to over-prescription and ultimately, the worst drug crisis...
Nicole Powers

S11, E2: Nicole Powers on surviving an opioid addiction

As a young single mother, Nicole Powers slid down a slippery slope from alcohol and pot to an addiction to pain pills after they were...
Emily 1

S11, E3: Emily Powers on finding compassion

When Emily Powers was in 5th grade, her mother Nicole Powers (S11, E2) turned herself in for forgery, after stealing from her employer to support...


Our Bodies in Space

Why do we so often turn to food for something other than sustenance? How is trauma carried by the body, and how can it be released? How do our brains create maps of our bodies? This season, we’ll be exploring these questions and many more.

side by side lake

S10, E1: Nutrition Coach Jen Pendleton on the long game

A single mom self-soothes by going through the drive-thru and eating alone in her car, but the pounds pile on. After many...

S10, E2: Voice and speech coach Lauren Lovett on letting the body lead.

A solid foundation is laid over four years at Juilliard, and incredible experience is gained over 25 years working on the stage...

S10, E3: Architect Ana Mombiedro on mapping the body

This interview was a real eye-opener. Ana described what a life-changing experience it was to leave her native Spain for Finland, where...


Authors of Young Adult Fiction

Why do our young people need to read books that tackle taboo topics? What is the role of the creative arts in these critical times? How does fear influence our decisions? We’ll be taking a different tack this season, as we share some of our guests’ favorite blogs. Have fun exploring!


S9, E1: Writer Jennifer Niven on Digging Deep

My conversation with Jennifer did not disappoint! Like two Hoosiers sitting around catching up, we touched on lots of subjects, shared some belly laughs, and came to some common insights. An author...

S9, E2: Writer James Bird on supporting diverse voices

Jennifer Niven thought James Bird would be a perfect fit for The Listen Podcast, and she could not have been more on point! James has a strong sure voice, and he is...

S9, E3: Author Michelle Reynoso on the space where magic happens

Michelle and I used to tell other people’s stories as actors in NYC, but she has found her own voice as an author, and she’s using it! My son loved the first...



A series of interviews focusing on artists and the act of creating through art, community and conservation.

Shelly de Vito

S8, E1: Shelly De Vito on creating space

Ten years ago, Shelly and her husband James set out to create a contemporary arts center. The space they chose is a former 18th century papermill in the Loir Valley in France,...
Casey Mallincrodt

S8, E2: Casey Mallinckrodt on the ethics of conservation

If there is one thing you should know about Casey, it’s that her feelings about art conservation run deep. She is the Objects Conservator at the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in...
Derick Melander

S8, E3: Artist Derick Melander on getting unstuck

Already from a very young age, Derick considered himself an artist. He used to tell everyone around him about his dreams of making it in the art world. However, as Derick got...


Spirituality & Religion

Here, we ask ourselves questions such as: How do we communicate with one another? How do our background and our culture define our ways of communication? What is the significance of dreams and visions?


S7, E1: Sarah Ronan, on Converting to Islam

Even though Sarah grew up in a Christian household, she drifted away from religion when she was 17 years old. After years of partying and doing her thing, she started looking for...

S7, E2: Arun Deva, on Finding Stillness

Arun’s interview is full of insights on the world we live in. As a yoga therapist and an Ayurvedic practitioner, he sees his craft as a path to discovering oneself and to...
Season Seven: Spirituality & Religion

S7, E3: UU minister Rachael Hayes on committing to the moment

When we invited Rachael to join us on The Listen Podcast, we had no idea that her interview would be recorded against the backdrop of powerful protests following the murder of George...


Writing & Writers

What do successful authors have in common? How do they choose their preferred medium? What inspiration can you draw from them? Listen in on Season Six to find out.

Devora Rogers

S6, E1: American Devora Rogers on Writing her Novel, The Spanish Painter

“When I was 16, I learned my mother had been lying to me all my life. It was a big and terrible lie, as lies between mothers and daughters often are.” These...
Brooke Berman

S6, E2: Brooke Berman on Crossing Frontiers to Write in Different Media

Although Brooke was initially trained as an actor, she felt a voice inside telling her that acting was not her calling. Today, she has worked as a playwright, a screenwriter, a director...
J. Edward Kruft

S6, E3: Writer J. Edward Kruft Keeps it Brief

J. Edward Kruft, or Joey, as we prefer to call him, was an actor who became a writer who became a psychoanalyst, who is now a writer and a psychoanalyst. To date,...



This season you will get a peek into the lives of ordinary people who achieved extraordinary things. Are you curious about their fears, their insecurities, and what inspired them to set off on great adventures? Let’s begin!


S5, E1: Estonians Ats & Kätlyn on cycling across Europe and back again

These two adventurous Estonians had the courage to cycle their way around Europe. Starting from their front porch in the middle of the woods, with the goal of reaching Portugal, they packed...

S5, E2: American Sara Turman on setting sail from France to travel the world

When Sara, an ex-pat living in Paris, falls in love with Peter, an older Brit, they discover a common dream of buying their own boat and sailing around the world. But they...
Thom Sesma

S5, E3: Americans Thom Sesma and Penny Daulton on Hiking the Camino de Santiago

Thom and Penny are two ordinary people, like you and me, who needed a break from their lives and decided to go and walk the Camino de Santiago, in Northern Spain. In...



During this season, we ask ourselves questions such as: How do we communicate with one another? How do our backgrounds and our cultures define our ways of communication?


S4, E1: Laura – A Belgian World Traveler

Being born and raised in Belgium, a country with three official languages, has surely shaped Laura’s perception of the world. While growing up, she spoke Dutch at home and learned German, French...

S4, E2: Jose – A Brilliant Geek Teaching English

Being a native Spanish speaker who learned English while growing up puts Jose in an interesting position: he actually has memories of the learning process! He was lucky enough to have a native...
Season Four: Language

S4, E3: Lidia – a Small-town Girl Interpreting in Germany

As a child, Lidia grew up with a sense of invisibility. She used to be the quiet child at the table and often found it hard to be listened to in her...


Coming Home

Interviews featuring couples living abroad who came back to their home countries to raise their children.

Season Three: Coming Home

S3, E1: Javi & Silvia – From Spain to London and Back Again

After living in London for nearly a decade and having a child while abroad, Javier García Nieva and Silvia Martínez Andres decided to move back...

S3, E2: Ernesto & María – One Couple, Two Continents

Ernesto and María, both from Central Spain, met in a research lab in Madrid, where they were carrying out their studies for their respective PhDs....

S3, E3: Lisa & Juan – Living Between Cultures

Lisa and Juan are one of those marvelous bicultural couples who live between cultures, between countries, between lifestyles. Juan met Lisa because he was trying to keep...


Health and Wellness Internationally

Members of the international wellness community talk with The Listen.

Pavan and Juno

S2, E1: Pavan & Olga of Juno Health and Wellness

Our guests for our first interview of Season 2 are Olga and Pavan Gulati, who in 2014 launched Juno Health & Wellness...
Sacha Jones of Stiggly Holistics

S2, E2: Sacha Jones of Stiggly Holistics

Sacha, who was born in South Wales, moved to New York City at a young age to work as an au pair....

S2, E3: Dolka Lina Vazquez of Dolkalicious

Dolka is a cheerful and friendly Colombian woman with a lot of energy! Currently, she teaches Spanish in Richmond, Indiana, but before...


Mothers in Another Land

What are the benefits and challenges of raising a child abroad? What advice can our guests give to mothers in similar situations?

Season One: Mothers in Another Land

S1, E1: Agnieszka, A Daughter of Poland Mothers in Spain

Dealing with Cultural Clashes – Season 1 kicks off with Agnieszka, a Polish mother who is raising her two young daughters in Cuenca,...
Sue Ramiro-Ibañez

S1, E2: Sue, A British Animal Lover on Mothering in Spain

More Cultural Clashes – It’s hard to fight old traditions, especially if they are as deeply-rooted as toros (bullfights) in Spain. No one...

S1, E3: Michele, A Canadian on Mothering in Three Languages

The Silver Lining – When mothering abroad, it isn’t only about getting one’s point across and getting things done one’s own way....


Special holiday episodes, music and timely information.

David Jetmore

Dr. David Jetmore on working together to flatten the curve

Just as the second wave of coronavirus seems to be getting under way here in Spain, where I live, an alarming increase in...

Angel From Montgomery

Angel from Montgomery: cover by Kate Jetmore and Fran Cathcart, ca 1992. Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash
New Years

New Year’s Bonus

New Year’s means music. This week we celebrate with a recording of a live concert from Czech organist Lucie Žáková, on a brand...

Bonus Christmas Episode

Santa Claus comes in all shapes and sizes. This week, we visit him in an unexpected spot, and later in a more traditional...

Bonus: Kate, An American Making Thanksgiving in Spain

For today’s special Thanksgiving Day episode, we’re turning the tables. Kate will be discussing the American traditions surrounding this holiday, as well as...