Emily Powers on finding compassion

November 30, 2020

When Emily Powers was in 5th grade, her mother Nicole Powers (S11, E2) turned herself in for forgery, after stealing from her employer to support her drug addiction. Incredibly, the way Emily responded to this crisis was to lean into her studies, to such an extent that she was honored with a nomination to West Point. She ultimately chose to attend Hanover College, where her tuition is covered thanks to merit scholarships. She hopes to double major in Biology and Sociology, with a possible minor in Philosophy.

While she is still unclear about what the future holds, she has no doubt that she wants to work with people. Some of her favorite pastimes include journaling, personal fitness and reading. Big things lie ahead for this incredible young woman!

“You can take what happened to you and grow from it, or you can be bitter about it.” (Emily, 33:42)


Emily Powers on finding compassion
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