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The Soundtrack to My Life

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Carrie Frais interviews Kate Jetmore

American podcaster, voiceover artist and translator Kate Jetmore chats to Carrie Frais via The Soundtrack to her Life (with music choices from The Beatles to Manu Chao). She talks about growing up in Indiana, working on Broadway in New York and embracing motherhood. She moved to Cuenca in 2002 and has since focused on her career as a translator, teacher and voiceover artist.

She says that if there is a constant in her life it is a love of storytelling – both as a performer and listener. In November of 2019, she launched her podcast The Listen - an exploration of culture and compassion.

“Lending an ear is one of the most powerful gifts we can give another person.” Kate Jetmore.

The Welum Women Abroad – Kate Jetmore

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Kate Jetmore interviews with the Women Abroad Podcast

The Women Abroad Podcast is a podcast, part of the section Women Who Inspire. The aim is to facilitate the life of female expats through interviews with successful entrepreneurs and executives overseas. These women will share with us their own stories and experiences regarding a specific country, in addition to tips, useful resources, and secrets that nobody is willing to tell you.

Kate Jetmore es Estadounidense viviendo en Cuenca, España, es presentadora de The Listen Podcast, es traductora y locutora, en este episodio nos contó su historia de cómo vivió el proceso de ser cantante en NYC a mudarse a una pequeña ciudad de España.


Reclaiming Agency Through Storytelling

Kate Jetmore shares the story of the Listen Podcast



Join Kate for a conversation with Kim Adams, host of the Expat Family Connection podcast, in which they explore the power of storytelling.

Expats in Spain

The Listen Podcast is featured in the May 2021 issue of Expats in Spain.

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Drive With Us Podcast

Kate Jetmore visits the Drive With Us Podcast to share her experience of learning to drive a manual transmission, and the differences of driving in the United States versus driving in Spain.

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