American Sara Turman on setting sail from France to travel the world

April 27, 2020

When Sara, an ex-pat living in Paris, falls in love with Peter, an older Brit, they discover a common dream of buying their own boat and sailing around the world. But they just kept putting it off, until they had a wake-up call. When Peter got sick, they realized they had to take this journey once he recovered. So, they bought a boat and sailed off together.

“Surprisingly, the ocean was a very empty place!” (Sara, 23:23)

Alone at sea, crossing the Atlantic, they had a safe and quiet trip. They settled into a routine of reading and spending time together. For Sara, the boat felt like home, so she could enjoy feeling comfortable while also having adventures and discovering new places and cultures whenever they reached a new port.

Sara’s history is truly inspiring. She is a firm believer in pursuing your dreams and putting yourself out there. If you want to find out the name of her boat and discover her special tricks for feeling at home while sailing, listen to the interview below.

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Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Sara Turman is a public speaking and communications consultant who has lived in Paris for over 25 years. Her life took an indisputably adventurous turn when she met a man who shared a dream she could not resist: Sailing the world. Five years later, she and Peter Richards bought a 37 foot sailboat, and set off from northern France. Though Peter had his off-shore navigating license and “salt-water in his veins” neither had much experience. The couple crossed the Atlantic in 15 days in December 2019, and left their boat “on the hard” in Trinidad at the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis.


American Sara Turman on setting sail from France to travel the world