Dolka Lina Vazquez of Dolkalicious

December 16, 2019

Dolka is a cheerful and friendly Colombian woman with a lot of energy! Currently, she teaches Spanish in Richmond, Indiana, but before that, Dolka owned a small business selling food, juices and smoothies. Over time, she not only nourished the locals, but she also built a small community around her.

Driven by her desire to improve her English when she arrived in the States, Dolka started browsing through the books that she could find; namely, cookbooks! These cookbooks sparked such joy in her, that with time she ended up opening her own establishment: Dolkalicious!

There, in the heart of Richmond’s historic district, she started off by selling fruit juices and smoothies three days a week. Eventually, she began to sell wholesome, home-cooked meals and earned a place in the hearts of the people who would go and eat at her beautiful, cozy restaurant.

“How I cook for my family is how I cook for my customers.” (Dolka, 21:50)

Today, as a teacher, she continues to cook and bring food to her students. If you want to find out more about Dolka and Dolkalicious, go ahead and tune in! She even shares some of her cooking hacks… What are you waiting for?


A native of Colombia, Dolka Lina Vazquez holds degrees in Bacteriology, Linguistics and Business Coaching. After meeting her husband while traveling, she moved to the United States. She followed her innate sense of well-being and opened Dolkalicious, an all-natural juice bar. Today, her son is away at college and her daughter, Gabriella, is still at home. Dolka lives in Richmond, IN, where she teaches Spanish full time.


Dolka Lina Vazquez of Dolkalicious