Onkoba Ongeri Draws on Nature

January 24, 2022

It was his grandmother who told him to observe nature carefully. Then she named him after his grandfather, who owned his own land and livestock in Kenya, and all of these elements began to pop up in his artwork.

Have the courage to try what your heart is telling you. (Onkoba, 36:16)


George Ongeri Omesa is a contemporary Kenyan artist who is known by his artistic name: Onkoba. Inspired by a desire to understand the simplicity of human existence, he creates limited edition woodcut prints which explore such themes as love, hate, hope, desire, and ambition. In his work as a framer, he recycles discarded driftwood to design frames, as well as artistic furniture pieces. Onkoba is former banker and an accountant by education. Along with his wife Jackie, he operates and runs The Art Kiosk in Loresho (Nairobi), Kenya.

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Onkoba Ongeri Draws on Nature
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