Marjorie Speirs on Natural Piety

March 21, 2022

After casting aside the limits imposed by her Scottish immigrant parents and practicing law for decades, a woman embraces the joy she feels while working in the garden and decides to go back to school for a Masters in Applied Theology at age 62.

This was a knowing. (Marjorie, 19:47)


Marjorie Speirs is a writer, gardener, wife, mother, grandmother, recovering attorney, and spiritual seeker. She earned a Masters in Applied Theology at age 62 and loves to explore opportunities for spiritual awakening in the midst of our daily lives. She has a small spiritual counseling practice and was a hospice volunteer until COVID made this work impossible. She is especially interested in interfaith conversations and exploration of the ways in which various faith paths intersect.  She lives with her husband in the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S.

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Marjorie Speirs on Natural Piety