Michelle and I used to tell other people’s stories as actors in NYC, but she has found her own voice as an author, and she’s using it! My son loved the first two books in her trilogy The Girl, the Pendant and the Portal, and is eagerly awaiting the release of the final novel. She worked for 15 years on the first installment in her trilogy, first focusing on adult characters, but then discovering that the characters’ voices carried more effectively as teenagers.

“What if?” (Michelle, 10:19)

For a more comprehensive look at her work, check out these links:

Instagram: mtrwriter
Pinterest: michcarl
Facebook: Michelle Reynoso-Author
Goodreads: Michelle Reynoso


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The Listen Podcast
S9, E3: Author Michelle Reynoso on the space where magic happens

Jennifer Niven thought James Bird would be a perfect fit for The Listen Podcast, and she could not have been more on point! James has a strong sure voice, and he is using it – to speak up for indigenous people, for children, and for all those who need our support.

 “First I wanna connect with my tribe, with my blood.” (James, 9:51)

Bird’s most recent book, The Brave, focuses on a young man struggling in school who is encouraged to drop out by his own guidance counselor. He does just that, backpacking across the country to return to his roots – the Ojibwe tribe in Minnesota.

To find out more about James’ work and his unique point of view, you can listen to the full interview below. You can also find him on social media – links below – where he posts oodles of photos of his son Wolf.

Insta: @jamesbirdbooks
FB: James Bird
Twitter: @Jamesbirdwriter


James Bird is a Native American author from the Ojibwe tribe. He was born and raised in Southern California and began his writing career penning screenplays and directing such films as Eat Spirit Eat, From Above, Honeyglue and We Are Boats. He met his wife, New York Times Bestselling Author Adriana Mather, at a nightclub in Hollywood. Together they moved to the east coast, where they both write books, rescue animals, and raise their son, Wolf. James’ favorite food is Rice Krispy treats and his favorite color is green. His goals in life are to be a great dad, one day open a vegan diner, and write enough books to fill up a bookshelf.




The Listen Podcast
S9, E2: Writer James Bird on supporting diverse voices

My conversation with Jennifer did not disappoint! Like two Hoosiers sitting around catching up, we touched on lots of subjects, shared some belly laughs, and came to some common insights.

An author plans to hole up and write on a remote island, but on the very first day she meets and falls in love with a man who bears a striking resemblance to her lead character.
Her website/blog is jenniferniven.com

“Never limit your imagination.” (Jennifer, 43:55)


Jennifer Niven is a #1 NY Times and internationally bestselling author, who has written ten books, including All the Bright Places and Holding up the Universe. Her work has been translated into more than 75 languages, and All the Bright Places has won literary awards around the world. The film, for which she co-authored the screenplay, is now streaming on Netflix.

Jennifer’s latest novel, Breathless, has just been published, and she is hard at work on her next two books. She also oversees Germ, a literary and lifestyle web magazine for girls and boys age high school and beyond that celebrates beginnings, futures, and all the amazing and agonizing moments in between. Her previous works include four novels for adults, as well as three nonfiction books. She divides her time between Los Angeles and coastal Georgia with her husband, kids, and literary cats.


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S9, E1: Writer Jennifer Niven on Digging Deep