Architect Ana Mombiedro on mapping the body

November 9, 2020

This interview was a real eye-opener. Ana described what a life-changing experience it was to leave her native Spain for Finland, where she finished her architectural studies and worked designing learning environments. She also talked us through the overwhelming influence of built space on the behavior and well-being of all humans.

“Space is a teaching tool.” (Ana, 39:28)

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Ana is an enthusiastic architect who believes in innovation through built space. She graduated from CEU Architecture School in Spain in 2014, but she actually finished her Architecture training at Aalto University in Finland. There, she worked designing learning environments and started her research about NeuroArchitecture. Between 2014 and 2016, she did her online training in Neuroscience and Perception at Duke University while she was an interdisciplinary teacher at Colgate University in NY.

Nowadays she combines her research titled “The Neurological impacts of built space and its relationship with human behavior” with her job as a high school teacher. She truly believes that the foundation of architecture is to ensure the emotional health of its dwellers.


Ana recommends:

PSAAP – Platform of Somatics for Architecture and Landscape 
Website by the award-winning young Spanish architect Maria Auxiliaroda Galvez. She has created an experimental lab where she studies how our body shapes space and how to use spatial design to improve the experience of living.

Atlas of Emotions
Research project by Paul Ekman. Getting to know our emotions is key to knowing our bodies. Emotions, feelings, and space are all connected, that’s what NeuroArchitecture is about. This website is a dynamic tool that can be used to learn about emotions. It’s very useful for teaching kids social-emotional intelligence.

ANFA – Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture
Non-profit organization where Architects and Neuroscientists meet sharing their research on NeuroArchitecture and Design.


Architect Ana Mombiedro on mapping the body