Laura Kitchin on wanting to see the world

March 8, 2021

When Laura Kitchin decided to move to Barcelona, she knew she would be teaching English there. What she didn’t know was that she would be enjoying three-hour dinners, traveling to several countries each year, and getting an up-close look at the independence movement in Catalonia.

“I really consider Barcelona my home.” (Laura, 32:21)


Laura Kitchin moved from the United States to Spain in 2006 where she has been working as an English teacher ever since.  Laura worked for more than a decade in the field of mental health and has an M.A. in Special Education.  She currently resides in the center of Barcelona in a rooftop apartment where she lovingly tends to her large collection of plants.  Laura loves to travel, is a passionate reader, and is always exploring the city looking for her new favorite dining spot.

Laura Kitchin on wanting to see the world